Are footballers overpaid

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Jose Mourinho says modern footballers are vain, overpaid and desire celebrity

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Premier League's English footballers are overpaid blasts Alan Shearer

“Ee-aye-addio, we won the cup!” sing the crowd. England’s captain Bobby Moore climbs the steps to the royal box at Wembley, where a yellow-clad year-old Queen Elizabeth hands him the. Recently, 43 clubs in France's top football leagues have threatened to go on strike should the proposed "millionaire tax" have effect on footballers.

This will essentially force employers to tax. Are the world's highest paid football players overpaid?

Do Footballers get Paid too Much?

Big data says yes Computational model shows Lionel Messi is the world's most overpaid football player.

Who says it isn’t (you may well ask)?

Are Footballers Overpaid? It’s Business for both Parties

Where’s the survey? As it’s the silly season, I offer no research, just conjecture and portentous conclusions.

Are footballers overpaid
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