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Davao City

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The city's Executive Order No.

Davao’s new smoking ordinance prohibits e-cigars, shisha

04, Series of imposes an order on creating the implementation of rules and regulations for the new comprehensive anti-smoking ordinance no.Series of Davao City's Firecracker Ban was also implemented with ordinance No. /, Series of Davao City is a leading example for taking forward the smoke-free agenda in the Philippines.

In advance of the National Tobacco Control Law, and originating from tobacco control measures to strengthen anti-smoking policy promoted by the City Mayor, the City Council passed its Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance in Anti-smoking advocates also sponsor anti-smoking campaigns and advertisements.

Davao’s Duterte: On law and order, BBL, the federal option, and what makes a leader

However, many of the advertisements that they create fail to urge the youth to shun from smoking and indulging into the habit. This paper contains a discussion of the reasons why anti-smoking advertisements fail to work and the repercussions thereof. To deliver anti smoking messages and the horrific effects of smoking to at least 95% of the teenagers who yet have not become addicted to smoking.

To reach 95% of teenagers who are smokers. To give especial emphasize in informing the working class teenagers because there is negligible amount of anti smoking campaign going on for the purpose. A former activist, Respicio rode on the wave of anti-communist movement in Davao following years of bloody reign of NPA partisans or ‘Sparrow Unit’ and the roiling dissension in the rebel.

Heeding God’s call: Accountant, nurse among Davao’s new priests.

A man of many names: Davao’s controversial, colorful Mayor Duterte

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Davaos anti smoking
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Davao’s new smoking ordinance prohibits e-cigars, shisha | Davao Today